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Ruby Peterkin - Active Duty (Biographies) - The Call to Duty - Library ...
Aug 6, 2005 . Ruby served with the No. 5 Canadian General Hospital in Britain and with the No. 4 Hospital in Salonica, Greece. The Ruby Peterkin fonds at .

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Main Hospitals
Jan 21, 2010 . No. 4 Canadian General Hospital - Shorncliffe; Alexandria; Salonika; Kalamaria; Basingstoke. No. 5 Canadian General Hospital - Shorncliffe; .

VOLUME 41, No. . No. 4 Canadian General Hospital was or- ganized at the University of Toronto. Captain, later Major . two years in Salonika, Greece, and two .

Jul 1, 2012 . (to call: for Thessaloniki 2310 and number for other . General Hospital, Thessaloniki, specialty in cardiology, hypertension. . headaches with Biofeedback, Sunnybrook Hospital of the University of Toronto, Canada, 1984.


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Rooksdown Parish Council - Park Prewett
May 16, 2012 . History of Part Prewett Hospital. . General view of Park Prewett Hospital . in 1917 as a military hospital -Number Four Canadian General Hospital. . newly returned from Salonica as part of support for the Gallipoli campaign.

Preface - Battlefront Nurses excerpt
Both were at the Mediterranean Front in Salonika in 1916 with No. 5 Canadian General Hospital; both were in France near the front lines when German . the war, complementing Nurse Morrison's memoir for The Canadian Nurse in 1938.

Canadian hospital histories - Hospitals abroad
Histories of Canadian hospitals and schools of nursing .

Manitoba Nurse: Alfreda Jean Attrill - University of Manitoba
Search for Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Informed Nursing & Health . Alfreda Attrill graduated from the Winnipeg General Hospital Training School for . and Salonica with the C.A.M.C., No.5 Canadian General Hospital, No.2 Cam .

General Hospitals - Canadian Great War Project
Jul 16, 2010 . General Hospital No. 4 (University of Toronto). Organized Toronto, 25-3-15. Shorncliffe, 28-5-15 to 15-10-15. Salonika, Greece, 9-11-15 to .

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SALONIKA HOSPITALS - Salonika & the Balkans - Great War Forum
Jan 18, 2005 . I just posted this article written around 1921 by an officer who served at No. 4 Canadian General Hospital in Salonica. Much of the article dwells .

British Columbia Nursing Sisters in WWI - Maureen Duffus
“Ward G.2, tent hospital, No. 5 Canadian General Hospital” at Salonica. Both No. 5 and No. 4 Canadian general hospitals were in Salonica at the request of the .

MACKENZIE, JOHN JOSEPH - Dictionary of Canadian Biography ...
24 March 1865 in St Thomas, Upper Canada, son of Donald Kennedy Mackenzie , . During World War I Mackenzie joined No.4 Canadian General Hospital, becoming a . From November to August 1916 Mackenzie served with it at Salonica .

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  • Canadian Nurses in World War I - Trent University
    Though nurses had served only sporadically and in small numbers in the Northwest . For the modest sum of $4.10 per day and a belief in serving their country, . Canadian General Hospitals were initially located in Le Tréport and Étaples. . Corps Nursing Unit in England, France, Gallipoli, Alexandria and Salonika.

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  • RCH Angels of Mercy in World War I « RCH150
    Jul 12, 2012 . Lillian McCallum served at the No.5 Canadian General Hospital in Salonika, Greece. Both No. 4 and No. 5 tent hospitals were established at .

  • The RAMC Base Hospitals 1914-1918
    The Base Hospitals in France and Flanders. What was a Base .

  • Graduates of the School for Nurses, Toronto...
    Jul 2, 2012 . Graduates of the School for Nurses, Toronto General Hospital that were appointed to Staff No.4 General Hospital in Salonica, Greece.

History of Canadian Anaesthesia Harry James Shields - SpringerLink
General Hospital - where, except for the war years, he spent the rest of his career . Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, soon being ap- pointed Anaesthetist to No. 4 (University of . Salonika (1915-17) and England (19t7-19). In Salonika, .

Place and Practice in Canadian Nursing History
ample, arrived at Salonika with No. 4 Canadian General Hospital from To- ronto ( CGH) during November 1915.38 She described the unit's setting as located five .

BMC Infectious Diseases | Full text | Influenza A/H1N1 septic shock ...
2 Intensive Care Unit, Hippokration General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece . However, no cases of viral-induced septic shock without severe pulmonary . The patient had a history of SLE for 24 years, antiphospholipid syndrome and . American College of Emergency Physicians, Canadian Critical Care Society, European .

Transplantation for type 1 diabetes mellitus. Whole organ or islets?
1Organ Transplant Unit, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece. 2Department of Multi-Organ Transplant, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Papanikolaou V, Hippokratio General Hospital, 49, Konstantinoupoleos Str, 54642, Thessaloniki, .

McLEAN, RENA MAUDE - Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
McLean left almost immediately for Britain and in November proceeded to France with . After a return to Canada on transport duty, she proceeded to Salonica . McLean then joined No.16 Canadian General Hospital in Orpington (London).

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Medical Units - Canadian Great War Project
Jul 16, 2010 . No. 4 Advanced Medical Stores, Siberia 1918/10/26-1919/05/31 . 4th Canadian General Hospital, Salonika - 4th Canadian General Hospital, .

Ruby Peterkin - Active Duty (Biographies) - The Call to Duty - Library ...
Aug 6, 2005 . Library and Archives Canada. Symbol of the Government of Canada. Library and . sisters of No. 4 (University of Toronto) General Hospital, C.A.M.C., . Group of nursing sisters and officers outside one of the huts of No. 4( · Source . Two women posing before walls at or near Salonika, Greece. Source .

Memorable Manitobans: Frederick Wilbur Jackson (1888-1958)
May 31, 2012 . 5 Canadian General Hospital at Salonica, Greece and England. . He was recognized for his contribution to public health by a number of .

Rooksdown Parish Council - Park Prewett
May 16, 2012 . A number of London hospitals were also offered wards in Park Prewett, . in 1917 as a military hospital -Number Four Canadian General Hospital. . newly returned from Salonica as part of support for the Gallipoli campaign.

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Canadian Military Mail Study Group - BNA Topics
Bulletin, War Souvenir Number, Christmas 1918, from the Canadian Record Office, Green Arbour . periods of operation for each unit. GENERAL HOSPITALS . No. 1. Organized at Valcartier 3 . Salonika, 14 December 1915 to 16 August 1917 .

Thanks go to Wilf Whitehouse and Bill Robinson for this item. The other part of this N.L. is . SX4 (Salonika - Kalamaria (Jan 1 91 6) - 29/3/19) on 16. Nov/16- . CM3/4042 = No 4 Canadian General Hospital - The censor's signature is that of .

Finding the Forty-Seven: Canadian Nurses of the First World War ...
Feb 4, 2010. #1 Canadian Stationary Hospital in Salonica, #4 Canadian General Hospital, and . In October 1917, she joined #1 Canadian General Hospital in Etaples. . Elsie Collis) journal, she was a nursing sister at Canadian general No.1 . Before I left for supper I heard distant guns and thought nothing of it. had .

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The Wartime Memories Project - The Great War - Hospitals
As demand for beds grew, large buildings such as Universities and hotels were . No 1 Australian General Hospital, Rouen; No 1 Stationary Hospital, Le Mans & Rouen; No . No 2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Treport; No 2 Stationary Hospital, . New Zealand Stationary Hospital, Salonika November 1915 - March 1916 .

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  1. custom modern window valance how to build an apple press
    Army Nursing Service to that of the general hospitals at the base of . the First World War ; for that the reader is referred to several . SThe period of training was made proportionate to the number of beds in the . that nurses were urgently needed for Salonika and asked me to obtain . The Canadians gave their nurses .

  3. 1-15 May 1917 - Scarlet Finders
    To 13 General Hospital, where they had just evacuated a large number of stretcher . the Matron of No.1 Canadian General, and the Matron of 54 General Hospital, . Some of these Sisters were en route for Malta and Salonika and would be .

  4. SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) MILITARY ... - CWGC - Cemetery Details
    1234. SALONIKA (LEMBET ROAD) MILITARY CEMETERY Print this image. See casualty . The town was the base of the British Salonika Force and it contained, from time to time, eighteen general and stationary hospitals. Three of these hospitals were Canadian, although there were no other Canadian units in the force.

  5. Euromedica General Clinic -
    Euromedica General Clinic of Thessaloniki is a state-of-the-art private Clinic/ Hospital, where every patient can entrust with no hesitation his most valuable asset; .

  6. 1-31 March 1918 - Scarlet Finders
    Reinforcements for Salonika: Received from DGMS copy of wire from . These reinforcements were originally intended for 81 General Hospital but it is now . staff of No.6 Canadian General Hospital, attaching confidential correspondence.

  7. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    The Foundation Act for the University of Thessaloniki was published in the Official Gazette . and Computational Sciences consists of Academic staff but has no students. . the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia to promote the academic cooperation and . comprises one University Hospital and is affiliated to another 6 Hospitals) .

    centers Network, at the General Hospital of Patras. . 1989- 30/02/ 2000 Deputy Chief in the General I.C.U of the G. Papanikolaou General Hospital Thessaloniki, under the . and Saint Boniface Hospital, University of Manitoba Winnipeg Canada. . PMID: 19075458 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] . No abstract available.

  9. Remembrance Series
    Many Canadians have died for these beliefs, and many others have . Although the nurses in Canada's military are no longer referred . Alexandria and Salonika. By the . Canadian General Hospital and 12 Nursing Sisters were wounded.

  10. IBC-1, a Novel Integron-Associated Class A - National Center for ...
    . and Department of Microbiology, Hippokration General Hospital,4 Thessaloniki , Greece . gene was submitted to the GenBank and assigned number AF208529. . of specific amino acid residues with the properties of IBC-1 can be inferred.

  11. Hippokratio General Hospital of Thessaloniki - Hippokratia
    HIPPOKRATIO GENERAL HOSPITAL OF THESSALONIKI . (Cyprus), Pierratos A. (Canada), Radunovic S. (Serbia), Rees A. (U.K.), Sinescu I. (Romania), Theofilopoulos A. . no evidence of serious complications except for a few episodes of .

  12. Short curriculum vitae, Petros S. Zezos
    October 1991- February 1994: medical company commander for Companies A and D, 216th. Medical . Medicine of the Military General Hospital of Thessaloniki , Greece. . Endoscopy 2001; 33 (Suppl I): Abstract no 3149. 6. 3 hour . World Congress of Gastroenterology 2005, Montreal, Canada, September 10-14,. 2005.

  13. Access Februaru 2008 - A vibrant new health-care system by 2020 ...
    CNA releases Vision for Change at a press conference in Ottawa. Left to right: Susan. Aglukark . numbers of health professionals will have to treat more patients, . The first Canadian General Hospital in Salonica was constructed of these .

  14. 1-31 May 1918 - Scarlet Finders
    DMS Canadians: General Foster, DMS Canadians and his staff came to the office to . No.1 General Hospital, USA: Forwarded to DGMS application for 3 civilian . A certain number of members who were engaged for Salonika and who had .

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